Obama – Historic Hysterics?

All we need is a Black President?Walking through Camden I discovered those two Obama merchandise objects recently (I’m sure there are many more like these out there – i ll keep you updated)

I find it so bizarre to see this guy’s face on a handbag next to one with the Beatles. Just like a rock star. And when you look at the t-shirt! He is placed next to the revolutionary Che Guevara and a crazyfaced Jack Nicholson!

It fascinates me how our perception of history and their icons has become so blurred and put into a different context and well totally out of context.

Our today is not much about facts – but about image.

I mean ask anyone who Che Guevara is. Many don’t know – and many don’t care – all they care is a certain idea they have of him. Revolution. Rebellion. Especially when you’re a teenager it’s considered to be cool to rebell against something, against the now, the government – or just anything. Probably one of the reason you see his face printed on anything from postcards to bed sheets.

And what about Obama? I mean he is a president in power since only a few months! And already on souvenirs next to some of the biggest icons of the last century. It can’t be based on things he’s done – cause he had almost no time to do any. Our perception of him is mostly build on the things he said he’ll be doing, and people said about him and well because obviously he is the first BLACK U.S. president.

For me it will be very interesting, if he will manage to live up to that image of hope and change he has amongst so many people. I really wish he will make some positive history and not just hysteria.

Despite that, i still think whoever buys a handbag with the face of a U.S. president is a pathetic media victim with a lack of  taste and own personality! ūüėČ



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