13 Year Old Dad = Armageddon?

If you’re from outside the UK you might not have heard this story. But then again you might have as I guess this is something the media in other countries would pick up big time. It is definitely a massive topic over here at the moment.

Now this morning i took a photo of the Evening Standard headline board (as i do almost every day – as you will see when i start posting these images as well) Anyway – a minute after taking this photo a young Muslim man came up to me and told me with a knowing smile that the prophet Mohammed has more than 1500 years ago (he actually told me the exact date – but i just forgot with my still half-asleep brain) predicted that the end of the world is neigh when a boy of the age 13 will father a child!

Now I m quite fond of those sorts of stories, especially with the next Armageddon date just around the corner. I m sure you all have heard already about the year 2012-end-of the world theory? (if not click here)

Anyways, does anyone know more about this prophecy I ve heard this morning? Please tell us!


2 thoughts on “13 Year Old Dad = Armageddon?

  1. USEFUL NOTE: boys are fathering children in africa at this age and have been for aeons same with some tribes in south america and asia they were doing from even younger….


  2. 21/12/2012 or as the mayans recorded it, doesn’t necessarily mean the Armageddon but the end of the world as we know it… its believed that classic mayans weren’t interested in the counting in time itself but in recording the harmonic calibrations of the ray of harmonic synchronization (see The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles) x


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