V-Day on Broadway Market

It was a very beautiful day. Valentine’s Day. Me and my girlfriend decided to go to Broadway Market near Bethnal Green in the East End of London. A place I’ve only heard of a few weeks ago despite living in London for more 3 years.

The market is not big. But what it doesnt have in size it has in character. When you walk through the market street you feel a bit like being in a different time. Most  shops in the street are privatly owned and beatifully maintained by their owners. There are no hints of the usual big chaines. Hence every shop and pub and restaurant is an experience in itself. The market offers a mix of food and vintage clothes, designer items, ad second hand objects of all kind. And many treasures that really deserve to be discovered by yourself. It is one of the nicest things you can do on a Saturday in London.

And we didnt seem to be the only people who thought this way. I saw many families with children and dogs and a lot of young people, that some people might describe as a bit trendy and arty folks.

I truly recommend that you go there with a loved one, friends and family or even just alone with your camera. It’s open every Saturday from 9am until 5pm. So it’s perfect for a little relaxing and reenergising afternoon stroll after a long night out!





One thought on “V-Day on Broadway Market

  1. I like the wonky pussy cats. The leaning tower of pussycats! Glad you finally realised the glory of london fields. I think you should move here. It’s home :o)


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