Eyes Wide Open

Wow. I have never seen eyes photographed as beautiful as those by Suren Manvelyan.

What really amazes me is that these images almost seem to be in 3D. You can really tell that the pupils are not just flat surfaces but crater like constructions. I almost feel like I m looking at a vulcano of a distant planet.

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Incredible Movie made out of 35.000 Photographs

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing on Vimeo.



I just discovered this beautiful video by Xavier Chassaing. He said it’s been made with 35.000 single photographs combining “an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.”

Well that still leaves me with a lot of questions. I would love to know exactly how he’s done it. A making-of video would be brilliant.

But maybe it’s better to be left in wondering awe like a little child watching a magician for the first time.


Eating in a Fairy Tale – The Pale Blue Door Restaurant

The outside only gives away a few hints about what’s going on inside.Once in a while you discover places that you will never forget because you feel they were build with endless amounts of love, thought and creativity. The Pale Blue Door is definitely one of them.

The artist Tony Hornecker spend about 6 years to turn an old warehouse garage into a little wonderland of obscurity – a place that he has now made into an absolute unique restaurant.

Once you found the place hidden away in a darkened alley in North East London you will enter a different world.

It is packed with objects from a forgotten past and from all over the globe which one does never stop discovering when wandering around the themed rooms.

There is the Ten Ted Pavillion – which looks like how i would imagine a Parisian Brothel from a hundred years ago would look like with red curtains and candle lights on old chandeliers. It fits a few tables suitable for 2 – 6 people.

Then there is the Main Hall – which – again – was packed with hundreds of bizarre objects and pictures and an array of 7 or so discoballs – ah yea and the stuffed chicken wich had its head stuck into the wall! haha.

The hall leads upstairs to the incredibly cosy Doll’s House – which is really only half a room as it is just about 1.50m high – so better don’t try to stand up! This is the place where we had the luck to eat our lovely dinner. The room can only be entered via a set of wooden wonky stairs which were made out of something like old wine-bottle boxes. Now imagine you wear high heels like our amazing dragqueen waitress A Man Da Pet and you have to climb up there and then squeeze yourself into the room crawling on your knees while holding the food and drinks!

LounThe cosiest restaurant I’ve ever seen – here the inside of the Doll’s House…ging on a comfy bed feeling like dolls in their house surrounded by old pictures, a massive cracked mirror, dozens of old toys and puppets we enjoyed our delicious 3 course meal.

…to which access is not the easiest for someone bigger than a 1.50m. Here our fantastic waitress A Man Da Pet.

After we were filled with yummi food our waiter turned into a performer and showed us and the other enthused guests how Tina Turner should REALLY move her arse!

10 out of 10 for entertainment and atmosphere.

Tony, his photographer friend Ralf (who also served us food and drinks) A Man Da and the cat Stella were some of the most welcoming and charming hosts you will ever find. They made the whole experience even more worthwhile.

The view from the sofa in the Main Hall – looking up to the wooden stairs which lead you to the Doll’s House and the Brazilian Brothel Room – which wasn’t opened on the night – so I can’t tell you what it’s like unfortunately. In the front Stella the house cat on her favourite place in the house.

We arrived first that night and left last! And if we could’ve – we would have stayed forever!

If you’re after an unforgettable feast for your tummy AND your eyes then the Pale Blue Door is just the perfect thing for you.

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Booking Tables:

You need to book in advance: Contact Tony at thepalebluedoor@hotmail.co.uk

Tables can be booked for 8pm or 8.30pm – usually from Thursdays to Sundays.


£30 buy you a nice 3 course meal – Veggi Option available


The Pale Blue Door, 5 Glebe Road, E8 4BD

And this is the view down from the second floor – well or more precisely the 1 1/2th floor. The food from Tony and Ralf was as delicious as…

…the entertainment from A Man Da Pet.

Abandoned Beauties

Picture by Kevin BaumanI stumbled across a great photo project by a photographer called Kevin Bauman. He photographed 100 abandoned houses he found in the neigbourhoods of Detroit. Apperently this wasn’t difficult as the city is going through a rough economical period which caused a lot of people to move away from once healthy neigbourhoods. More than 12.000 homes are awaiting their judgement day.

Although it is a very sad fact – I always felt there is something exceptional beautiful about abandoned places – i believe one can feel the energy and the spirits of the people who once lived and worked there – something that Kevin has masterfully managed to capture in his photos.

Have a look on www.100abandonedhouses.com

 Picture by Kevin Bauman

Picture by Kevin Bauman