Safety Sucks

Don’t get me wrong, normally I m totally pro safety when it comes to cycling. But there is something deeply wrong about wearing a helmet and high visibility vest on a low rider.

It’s something David Cameron would do.

itchy i went Lomo

I have just finished a street photo project to which me and 20 other artists where invited to take photos for an exhibition celebrating 180 years of Covent Garden. We were given a dispososable version of the famous Russian Lomo camera.
We had a month time to shoot the 24 frames the camera was loaded with. With the only rule that all shots had to be taken in the London WC2 postcode area.
As a digital photographer for years this brought me right back to the roots. The limited number of shots and the lack of any control functions plus not knowing if any of the shots worked until everything is developed was a real challenge.

Now I can only wait until Covent Garden put all pictures up in a gallery. Very exciting indeed.

I ll keep you posted.

Peace and Love!

itchy i ūüôā

Tree Wig

Man when they cut down this tree they really DID kill off his proud crown. Poor fella. So I thought I d try and give him a photographic tree wig.